Our story is predicated by a tradition of serving ambitious, high-performing management teams and helping them to build exceptional, innovative businesses. We go to the most extraordinary lengths to deliver the outcome you demand and we do this without fail. Always. In our five years of trading, we have had a 96% success rate on our searches – a figure that most of our competitors can only dream of.

What we do

At Venatus Partners we understand that your Search & Talent Development needs are not one-size-fits-all – and neither are our solutions. We are a global search boutique, leveraging the expertise of our international offices to work as a seamless, integrated unit. In the UK, we work mostly across the consumer, digital and media sectors, focusing on commercial & transformation roles.

Unlike the typical search firms in the market, we do not employ researchers – our clients get the full benefit of our Partners’ expertise and experience. We work with our clients to create a bespoke service which may combine two or three product offerings or allow the flexibility to pick and choose individual services as needed.


Market mapping – map out a function or role across a range of sectors or businesses, providing information on team structures, salary range and responsibilities.

Succession planning – you may not be ready to press the button on an active search, but we can ensure that when you are ready to start, you already know who and where to target.

New market entry – whether you are looking to set up a development centre or subsidiary office, we can help you identify the right location globally, including information on governance, workforce, infrastructure and salaries.


End-to-end Executive Search – from identification to assessment: having developed a crystal-clear brief in partnership with our client’s key stakeholders, we hunt deeply and widely to unearth exceptional individuals, presenting you with an outstanding shortlist in 6 weeks.

Initial identification and interview for ongoing introductions – helping you to track rising stars and build a network to manage talent succession.


Senior team assessment – ideal for businesses and teams that are embarking on a period of change and transformation. Benchmark capability and identify skill gaps for the future.

 Interview training for internal teams/management – one-off training to make internal processes run more smoothly.

Who we are

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